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Our tree removal service has many years of on-the-job experience. Each of our arborists is skilled, high-trained, and always looking for the most modern way of making your trees and shrubs look great. However, despite our best efforts, there are times when a tree can't be saved for one reason or another.

Situations where a tree is dead and hollow on the inside pose a threat to surrounding buildings and endangering people and pets. You may even have a tree branch poking into your siding, and it needs to be removed. Count on our arborists to apply industry-leading removal techniques and quickly eradicate those threats from your life.

St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal Service is fully licensed and insured for your peace of mind. Contact us today by phone or email and tell us how we can help you with professional tree service in St. Louis MO.

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St. Louis's BEST Tree Removal Arborists

Trees, over time, will die and become hollow in the middle. When this happens, it only takes a small storm or gust of wind to knock it over onto your home, business, car, or powerlines. Our company will use St. Louis tree removal services to avoid this.

In other cases, you may have a tree on your property that you simply do not want to be there anymore. Maybe it's casting too much shade on your garden, or it's a haven for pesky birds and insects? We'll take care of it for you!

We've been removing trees for decades and consider your personal situation. You can count on our loyal arborists to quickly and efficiently remove any trees from your property that you no longer want as affordably as possible.

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Superior Tree Cutting in St. Louis

After we've taken your tree down, there is a large trunk and many branches to consider. What will you do with them? Do you have the equipment to cut them up and haul the debris away? Most people generally answer "no" to these questions.

Our company will gladly cut the tree trunk and limbs up into manageable pieces so that they can easily be hauled away in our trucks or neatly stacked on your property for personal use. Also, we offer you tree cutting service if a tree has naturally fallen.

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The Most Affordable Tree Root Removal in St. Louis, MO

Tree root removal in St. Louis is an important task that our arborists frequently perform. Most of the time, tree roots stay hidden under the ground where they don't bother anyone. Then, there are the rogue tree roots.

We've dealt with tree roots both above and underground that have grown in the wrong direction and found themselves wrapped around things like water pipes, gas lines, and foundations. Not a good situation! Our team works closely with contractors and energy specialists to help us safely remove the roots from places they should not be.

If you're having a tree root problem, please, don't hesitate to call our company for prompt, professional services.

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Limb & Tree Branch Removal at Your St. Louis Home or Business

Trees are gorgeous parts of any landscape, but the older they get, the more they grow, and the more they grow, the closer they get to your property. One day, you may look out your window and realize that the branches on your tree are really getting close to the glass.

When this happens, you want a professional arborist like the ones employed by our company to complete limb and branch removal so that it will not return and continue making its journey into your living room. That is why we recommend complete tree branch removal in St Louis over a simple trim. If you're curious to learn more about branch removal, please visit our blog.

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Are Ugly Stumps Plaguing Your Yard? The Cure is Stump Removal!

After a tree is cut down, you are left with an unsightly stump on your property. In our experience, stumps cause many problems ranging from trip and fall accidents to destroying your lawnmower. Stumps tend to rot over time, and rotting wood attracts insects and vermin that you don't want lurking around your yard.

The best way to end the stump charade is by removing it altogether with tree stump removal services. Our team of arborists at St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal uses a combination of grinders and other equipment to yank those stumps out of your life.

You can say goodbye to those eyesores for good! Don't worry; you won't be left with an equally hazardous hole in your yard. We'll take steps to backfill the trench.

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Serious Shrub Removal in St. Louis

The most common reason home and business owners have shrubs is for ornamental purposes. Shrubs, if taken care of, can be an attractive part of the landscape. You may have even spotted some shrubs and bushes trimmed into unique shapes.

However, when shrubs are neglected, they can act just like the hair on our heads and grow out of control. When this happens, the bush can actually become diseased and even die. The best course of action is to remove the shrub and plant a new one. We also provide shrub removal in St. Louis when you don't desire to have them anymore.

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Dependable Commercial Tree Services for St. Louis Businesses

Are you looking to clear some land so you can build a new home, business, or parking lot? If so, St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal Service is the company for the job. We have the tools and equipment necessary to get the lot cleared in no time.

Our excavators are examples of the heavy-duty machinery that we use to plow through tall grass, trees, shrubs, and more. Perhaps, you don't want the entire area cleared but just a few trees here and there. We are commercial tree service experts at thinning lots, so they become a more enjoyable place to visit or live next to.

Lot & land clearing also keeps animals and other critters away from your property. Are you ready to discuss your lot clearing plans with our professionals? Call today for commercial tree services in St. Louis!

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"The old oak tree in our yard has been around for generations so I'd do anything possible to keep it alive. Thankfully, we have to go through a tree removal! The tree company, St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal Service, told me it was infested tree borer insects and completed pest control services. Our old oak is grateful!"
- Diana R.

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