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In addition to our incredible line-up of tree and shrub services for residential customers, our company has many offerings of commercial tree services in St. Louis, MO. Since 2012, we've kept business landscapes looking great through expert tree trimming, pruning, shaping, and planting. We also offer removal services when a tree or bush needs to come down for whatever reason.

Our goal is to keep your commercial landscape looking fantastic and safe, and sound. But, of course, there's nothing worse than a large and in-charge tree threatening to topple onto your property at any given moment. Talk about insurance reliability! We're different than other tree service companies because we genuinely care about our clients.

You'll find that our arborists only use the most up-to-date tools and equipment to ensure your tree care services are performed to perfection. We use a combination of modern and old-school methods because we know what works. Are you ready to schedule a FREE consultation with our team today? Great! Please call or email us at your earliest convenience.


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Benefits of Professional Commercial Tree Servicing

Commercial tree care in St. Louis is a big job. Most business owners do not have the time or resources to put into the tree and shrub care, especially when their complex is more on the industrial side. Plus, without the right equipment and training, a person can cause more harm than good to their trees, and nobody wants that to happen. So here are a few reasons why going pro is a great idea:

  • Sick Trees - Did you know trees can become infected with diseases like humans and animals? Like a doctor, our arborists diagnose and treat the problem, so it doesn't spread to other trees. They'll also apply preventative measures to thwart future infections.
  • Regular Pruning & Trimming - Keeping your commercial trees and bushes healthy and attractive requires routine pruning and trimming services. An arborist does much more than chop around with hedge trimmers. There is a method for cutting.
  • Tree Removal - Taking down a tree is a big job. in fact, it can be quite dangerous. That's why using the proper safety equipment, and machinery is crucial. All of our arborists are trained, experienced, and skilled in tree removal and lot & land clearing.
  • Risk Mitigation - You are substantially cutting your commercial property liability risk by hiring a professional tree care company. Trying to take on tree care by yourself means you have zero protection should something go wrong.
  • Root Growth Control - There's a whole other element to tree care, which you often cannot see: root control. You do not want tree roots growing under your building, sidewalks, or into the foundation, as big problems can arise. We provide expert root control and removal services for commercial customers.

As you can see, hiring a professional tree service company for your commercial property is the way to go. Are you curious about our methods? We encourage you to visit the frequently updated company blog page for more in-depth information. Of course, you can always call or email the team, too!


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Have You Scheduled Commercial Tree Removal Yet?

When it comes to removal, you can wholeheartedly count on our commercial tree cutters in St. Louis, Missouri. They have a knack for comprehensive tree removal, including stump and root extraction. You'll never know the tree was even there once we are through. Having a dead or hollow tree on your commercial property is a significant risk. The tree can fall onto your business or harm a patron anytime.

Maintaining a safe workplace for your employees is essential; dead trees don't create that kind of space. With adequate tree care, you can rest assured that your shrubbery and trees will look great, remain healthy, and safe. Through routine inspections, our arborists will keep close tabs on your trees. They'll know if there is a disease infestation on the horizon and whether a tree needs to come down or not.

Trying to maintain your commercial trees is a big job, and when you aren't experienced in that area, we highly recommend you hire someone who is. You'll save yourself money and headaches in the long run. Did you know that we offer 24/7 emergency tree removal? Call us at any time should you have a tree that has fallen onto your commercial proeprty.


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Offering the BEST Commercial Tree Services in St. Louis, MO

St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal Services is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction. Our arborists put together targeted tree care plans for commercial customers based on their individual property needs. There's nothing cookie-cutter about our company.

We know each scenario is different, especially between residential and commercial landscapes. So if you're a business owner with out-of-control trees and shrubs, please give our team a call.

We'll come out and perform an in-depth inspection that is FREE of charge, followed by a fair and affordable estimate. You'll know the plan that we recommend before the consultation ends. It is so worth your while to hire an experienced company like ours to take care of your trees. We can't wait to prove it to you.




See what our customers have to say:
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"The old oak tree in our yard has been around for generations so I'd do anything possible to keep it alive. Thankfully, we have to go through a tree removal! The tree company, St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal Service, told me it was infested tree borer insects and completed pest control services. Our old oak is grateful!"
- Diana R.

Have You Heard About Our Other Tree Care Services in St. Louis?

St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal Services offers affordable residential and commercial solutions for all of your arboriculture needs. You can find expert tree, stump, and root removal with us that leaves your landscape looking great. We also specialize in tree disease prevention, treatment, and management services. Do you require land & lot clearing? We can help with that! Please call us today to schedule a no-strings-attached consultation and FREE quote.

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