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Yes, we're a tree removal company, but another area of expertise is shrub removal in St. Louis. Our contractors and arborists have been eradicating shrubs from landscapes all over Missouri since 2012. And here's the great thing about our team...they don't just cut the shrub down and leave a stump in your yard. Why? Well, for one, it's a trip and fall hazard, and for two, stumps are ugly.

Another reason we pull unsightly bushes out by the roots is so that they do not grow back. As a company, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction at all times. So you can count on us getting the job done right the first time, or you won't pay us a dime, guaranteed. We understand how important a lovely landscape is and how simply removing a few shrubs can increase curb appeal.

That's why we offer our services to both residential and commercial customers. Plus, our rates are the most competitive in the local area. Speaking of which, how would you like to secure a FREE consultation and quote with us? All you have to do is call and schedule an appointment. We look forward to making your landscape look GREAT!

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What are the Benefits of Shrub Removal?

There are many advantages to having professional bush removal in St. Louis. We only employ highly motivated and trained arborists to our staff. It's imperative to correctly remove shrubs to not harm the surrounding landscape, among other reasons. Let's explore the benefits:

  • Saves Time & Money - Utilizing professional shrub removal services means you don't have to do any of the dirty work. Plus, if you're not trained, you could make mistakes that lead to costly damages or injuries.
  • Safety Concerns - It may not seem like removing a shrub could result in personal injury. After all, you don't have to scale a tall tree or anything. However, using power tools like chainsaws and root removal equipment can cause fatal or life-altering injuries if not used correctly.
  • Equipment - A shrub cannot be removed without the right equipment. The roots of even a tiny shrub are embedded deeply into the earth and can have quite a large span. A professional arborist has everything needed to get the job done right the first time.
  • Creating a Clean Landscape - Once we are through removing your shrubs and bushes, your landscape will look better than it did before. Of course, we always backfill the hole and clean up any debris to leave nothing behind.

As you can see, there are many reasons to hire an experienced team for your shrub removal needs. Would you like to learn more about our company and its methods? Please feel free to browse our frequently updated blog page.

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It's Better to Remove Shrubs in St. Louis BEFORE They Cause Problems

Shrub removal in St. Louis, MO, is essential for ensuring residential and commercial landscapes stay healthy and attractive. Unfortunately, in some cases, shrub removal services can be put off. However, if you have a bush that is obstructing your view or scratching your beautiful bay window, the sooner you have it removed, the better.

As with all plants and trees, shrubs will continue to grow if neglected. Are you not sure if you want the bush to be removed entirely? No problem! Our company offers shrub trimming. It's a way to give your bushes a little shape so they look great from the curb.

There are other reasons a property owner may wish to have removal services, including shrub disease. If you have a bush or tree that is afflicted with foliage disease, it may need to be removed to avoid spreading the sickness to other plants.

The best thing you can do is to have an evaluation by one of our arborists to learn the best course of action for your shrubbery.

shrub removal st. louis
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St. Louis' #1 Shrub & Bush Removal Team

At St. Louis Tree Trimming & Shrub Removal, we're dedicated to preserving the health and beauty of trees and bushes. Sometimes, that means we have to cut a few of them down to protect the ones that remain. You may be in a position to build a new property and require lot & land clearing, which is a service that we offer.

Whatever your needs might be, you can rest assured that our arborists are ready to meet them. We use industry-leading tools and equipment so that our shrub removal services are seamless. Plus, you won't find a company that offers a lower rate.

If you do, we'll match their price. We hope you'll choose us for all of your tree and shrub care needs.



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"The old oak tree in our yard has been around for generations so I'd do anything possible to keep it alive. Thankfully, we have to go through a tree removal! The tree company, St. Louis Tree Trimming & Removal Service, told me it was infested tree borer insects and completed pest control services. Our old oak is grateful!"
- Diana R.

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